Letter to Secretary of State on UN International Day of Education -24th January
23 January 2020

UN International Day of Education on January 24th provides the focus of a letter to the Secretary of State for Education from a group of 44 educators who believe that the humanities should have a stronger place in primary education. Many wrote on behalf of significant organisations in primary education or particular subject areas, others in a personal capacity, but collectively they represent a very powerful voice both for the humanities and for the role of primary education in enabling young children to face the significant challenges they will face in the 21st century. The text of the letter is here with list of signatories here. Copies were also sent to the press and media and to the spokespersons for education in the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties. We had a very disappointing response from a DfE official which you can read below. We will update this website with our future plans to persuade politicians about the importance of the humanities in primary education as an essential part of a balanced and broadly-based curriculum.

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